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The fastest way on Earth to find a mentor

We've spent six months making sure that we know what the community needs and wants. Now, we're busy making magic happen and building stuff. We hope you'll register to allow us to alert you when we're done.


After years of hanging out in, and helping to build, Startup Communities and Ecosystems, it was clear that it was time to fix the way mentoring is delivered.

"Mentoring is such a key component in the success of an Entrepreneur, yet the process of matching mentors, scheduling sessions, and relationship sustainability was fundamentally flawed." - Adam Steinhoff, Founder, MentrBee

Relaxing Outdoor

Mentors: All of the Impact. None of the Friction.


Mentoring can be so rewarding... and time consuming. And, sometimes frustrating.

As people who have delivered thousands of hours of mentorship, we get you. We know that you want nothing more than to see your mentee succeed. We also know that it is the worst when you were paired with the wrong person. You get bored, and frankly disinterested. We also know that needing to schedule an hour every week even if you don't need it is silly. A lot of times a quick check in to remove a roadblock can help your mentee just as much as an hour session would.


Our platform will enable you to help the people you are most passionate about and equipped to help, and do it in 60-second, mic-drop, lightbulb inspiring moments on your schedule, not theirs.

Open Store Sign

Entrepreneurs: Get Unstuck and Hang that "Open" Sign.


Starting a business is tough. Friends and family don't understand. Confidence gets low, doubt sneaks in, and you freeze.

As serial entrepreneurs we know what it's like to oscillate between loving your idea and crushing it and being terrified to move forward. Sometimes the swings happen multiple times a day. You need people in your corner to help you make sense of the emotions of starting a business, and the roadblocks thrown at you.

Do you need an LLC? And, what's with all the tax forms?

How do I hone in on my ideal customer?

Is this is even a viable idea?

Am I going to go broke?

I landed my first big customer! Now what?

I think I'm ready to hire my first employee.

I think I'm ready for investors to expand.

Our platform will help match you to a mentor who is passionate about your venture and help you answer those questions. We will give you the tools necessary to communicate with your mentor when YOU need it on YOUR schedule, without being a hassle to them. Oh, and it's completely free. Because the mentors are volunteers.

Office Meeting

Communities: Up your Mentorship Game this Year.


Your accelerators are top notch. Your fireside chats are great. Let's elevate your Mentorship program to the same level.

In our years of helping startup ecosystems and our months of research, we found that the biggest gap in the startup community is in the ongoing mentorship relationships OUTSIDE of the formal programs and events that you put on.

Mentors are in high demand. Often the ones who raise their hands get tapped over and over again, burn out and lose that spark that makes them so special.

Entrepreneurs don't have a central place to go to find a mentor, and when they are introduced to a mentor, sometimes they just don't jive, and the relationship fizzles out.

Financial supporters are lacking real-world data on how impactful the mentorship programs are, and have trouble seeing the value.

And, you, the ecosystem director, have a million other things that need your focus and attention. Trying to keep track of and nurture hundreds of mentor/mentee relationships is impossible.

The MentrBee platform will allow you to pull from a larger pool of mentors, assist you in creating perfect matches, identify relationships that need some nurturing (or replacement) and provide real-world data to financial supporters to connect the dots to the impact you are making in the community.

Waiting for the Train


See you soon!

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